Beacon for Business: A New Way to Fight Germs

Beacon for Business: A New Way to Fight Germs

Did you know that Beacon can be used in professional settings? It's a terrific tool for disinfecting air and surfaces in commercial spaces both big and small.
Below are some of the ways Beacon can be incorporated into your business:


Lobbies, waiting rooms, and other heavily trafficked spaces can benefit from Beacon’s disinfecting powers. Scheduling your Beacon to run frequently in these spaces is a key step to improving indoor air quality and limiting germ spread within your facilities.

Large, open spaces

Restaurant dining rooms, yoga studios, theaters, and boutiques are all great spaces for Beacon. In addition to providing your customers peace of mind knowing that germ spread is being lessened, Beacon is helping to keep your staff safe and healthy while they are moving about your space.

Procedure rooms

Dental offices, med spas, and consultation rooms are just a few types of procedure rooms where Beacon can be installed. Depending on your need, Beacon can be used while patients are in the room for real-time disinfection, or to disinfect the room in between patients.

Bathrooms and locker rooms

If we’ve heard it once, we’ve heard it a hundred times: Beacon is perfect for the spaces that facility managers most desire to keep germ-free. Whether you’re a busy gym with a sweaty locker room, or a coffee shop with a frequently visited bathroom, Beacon can help limit the spread of viruses, bacteria, pathogens, mold, and even fungi in your spaces.

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