Image of Beacon and Top 5 Ways to Use Beacon

Top 5 Ways To Use Your Beacon

Beacon can be used everyday in your home or business. Here are 5 great ways to incorporate it into your daily routine.


1. Daily disinfection your primary living spaces

Beacon is a great tool for the most central spaces in homes: kitchens, family rooms, and foyers. As family, friends, and beloved pets come and go, keep your spaces germ-free with Beacon, which will reduce the spread of pathogens and simplify your cleaning routine. 

2. Simplify your cleaning routine

We are in our homes now more than ever, so we need to clean and disinfect more frequently. Beacon empowers you to lessen your cleaning load by replacing the need for frequent wipe-downs with chemicals and cleaning products. After you set up a disinfection schedule with Beacon's app, you can rest assured that your home is being disinfected without lifting a finger.

3. Party Time! 

Beacon's app can be scheduled at any time. Want to disinfect after having a house party? No problem! Ditch the cleaning products and disinfect your home by turning on Beacon. 

4. Bathrooms

Recovering from a stomach bug and don't have the energy to manually disinfect your bathroom before it's your kids' bath time? No issue! Place Beacon in your bathroom and let it do the heavy disinfecting work for you. 

5. Supercharge your kitchen cleaning

Dirty sink? Raw kitchen on the counter? Beacon can help. Beacon reduces common food-borne pathogens. No need for harsh cleaning supplies. Disinfect with Beacon to eliminate the germs, along with a towel and warm water to clean up the grime.