Meet Beacon: Your Disinfection Assistant

Meet Beacon: Your Disinfection Assistant

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It's here! After two years of prepping and planning, we are thrilled to introduce you to Beacon, a disinfection technology that will simplify your cleaning routine. Beacon is a palm-sized, wall-mounted smart device that takes the time and effort out of removing germs. Operated by a phone app, Beacon helps to disinfect air and surfaces from bacteria, viruses, and pathogens (including RSV, Influenza, and Covid).

Your to-do list is long and your time is limited. Beacon is here to make your cleaning routine easier and faster so you can have more time, energy, and peace of mind to focus on more of what matters


How does Beacon work?

Beacon uses Far-UVC 22nm technology to disinfect. This wavelength is completely different from the traditional UV lights you’ve seen in phone cleaners or tanning beds. Studies have shown those traditional UV lights are harmful when exposed to humans. Unlike those lights, studies have shown that Far-UVC 222nm, the wavelength Beacon uses, is safe for human exposure. More information on the science behind Beacon can be found on Beacon’s Science page.


Beacon’s key features

  • Safe and effective air and surface disinfection
  • Flexible scheduling with a phone app, giving you the power to customize your disinfection schedule
  • Easily powered with a standard USB-C cord
  • Provides more than 10,000 hours of disinfection


Want to learn more?

Check out Beacon’s website, including our FAQs, to learn how Beacon can improve your cleaning routine and overall health. Or reach out to us any time at