Level Up Your Spring Cleaning Game

Level Up Your Spring Cleaning Game

Here comes the best time of the year!

Spring is almost here, which means it’s time to get ready for Spring Cleaning! Instead of the typical Spring Cleaning “to do” list, we’re going to share some less common tips that we hope will help your elbow grease go farther.

  1. Clean your cleaning cabinet
    Yes, you read that right! Chances are, you have some expired and perhaps even some unrecognizable cleaning solutions hidden in the depths of that cabinet. Now is your chance to toss ‘em and to give the whole cabinet a thorough wipe down.

  2. Replace your HVAC filters
    Spring Cleaning is a great reminder to swap out your filters. They're probably pretty dirty from everyone spending the long winter months inside. Replacing them is a great way to quickly improve your indoor air quality. Bonus tip: Replacing traditional HVAC filters with HEPA filters can help reduce dust and particulate matter around your spaces.

  3. Refresh your routine
    When was the last time you updated your cleaning routine? Spring Cleaning is the perfect time to ask yourself if there are changes you could make to limit the chemicals you use or the amount of time you spend cleaning (Hint: We recommend replacing your bleach disinfection products with Beacon. Beacon uses Far-UVC 222nm, a type of germicidal ultraviolet light, that can do the same disinfecting job without any chemicals or elbow grease).

  4. Give the ol’ vacuum cleaner a once-over
    Did you know your vacuum has a filter? This is your sign to give it a good cleaning. While you’re at it, give all of the attachments a thorough cleaning by removing any hair or debris that might have accumulated.